Royalty free means you just need to pay for rights to use the item once per end product. You don't need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.
No, there is also an Extended licence. Although this is now only available by contacting [email protected]

Our regular licence (non-exclusive) allows for 1 individual on your team, to use the downloaded file for one single application.

Usage examples includes:

  • Web Use – Footage can be used on social media websites, in mobile apps and on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. It can even be used in content that will be digitally downloaded. The audience size limit for this type of web use is up to 500,000.
  • Live Performances – The footage can also be used at live performances such as musicals, corporate presentations, concerts and musicals with an audience size limit of 500,000.
  • On Websites – Videos that are embedded on actual web pages have no audience limit restrictions.
  • Television Distribution – For any (single use) usage in television shows or commercials.
For usage of the following examples you will need to have an extended licence:
  • Movie Theater Distribution – Distribution in movie theaters is not permitted with the standard footage license.
  • Over the Top (OTT) Video Distribution – Over the top video distribution, or streaming services such as Netflix is not permitted by the standard footage license.
If you have any questions about the usage, please contact our support. [email protected]

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others will also be licensing and using the same item.
A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). The end product depends on the nature of the item - for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways.

The main difference is that under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you've licensed) is distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold.

For more detailed questions please contact [email protected].

No. As long as it's all the same end product, you can distribute it via different mediums without having to purchase new licenses.
Contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you out.
For editorial use please contact [email protected].
You only need a Regular License where the end product is an advertisement, as the audience does not have to pay to view it. It doesn't matter if the advertisement is for things that are being sold.
No. You can't license items and then make them available to others 'as-is' (that is, as a stand-alone item or as stock), regardless of which license you purchase.
Yes. You're essentially buying the file on your client's behalf. Whether a regular or Extended License is needed will depend on your client's use of the end product. With both the regular and Extended License you are allowed to charge your client for creating the End Product. Once you transfer the end product to the client (eg giving them source files for the item), be sure to link your client to our licenses and delete the item itself from your computer.